Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #154

Today's Word:
dinosaur cookies

Today's Picture:

I would eat the entire tray.

Last Saturday night was Master Pancake's last Jurassic Park show. The shows were a blast. I am a huge fan of that movie, so making jokes over top of it in front of a drunk north Austin crowd was awesome.

At the last show, some very awesome group of people brought dinosaur cookies to our show. Not only did they bake enough for the Pancake guys, they baked enough for the entire audience. How cool is that?

I ate 2 and then took one home for Megan. They were delicious. Here is a digital picture:

It kinda looks like the Jurassic Park sequel where they brought the T-Rex to San Diego in the cargo hold of a ship... except this one is pink and delicious!

In Summary: come see Master Pancake and maybe you will get a free cookie, pink dinosaurs are tastier than green dinosaurs, I could eat a pan of cookies.

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