Friday, March 6, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #147

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Warp Star Sexy Squad

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Last night, Megan & I went to see "Warpstar Sexy Squad", a new musical comedy by the creative geniuses at Yellowtape Construction. We went to the Offcenter on East 7th Street to see the play. I had heard that it was fun, but I had no idea how fun.

This was the first musical comedy that had its own drinking game. The theater was BYOB. The theater was packed. The crowd was rowdy. The show did not disappoint.

I think the Austin Chronicle sums the play up best, "It's a sci-fi upheaval of intergalactic proportions, brought to you by those Yellowtape Construction folks who created 'I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical!'"

Maybe you saw their cover-story on the Austin Chronicle? If you missed the cover, this is what it looked like:

Our dear friends Erin Molson and Maggie Wilhite are in the play. Erin plays a talking cat. Maggie plays a 1950s do-googer-turned-lesbian-via-death-ray... damn, that was hard to explain. Maggie and Erin were awesome! I was blown away by the entire cast (but especially the talents of my friends).

Maggie - you are the most convincing 1950s-do-gooder-turned-lesbian ever.

Erin - you made PugPuggy proud. Animals everywhere rejoice that their voice is finally heard!

People of Austin - Go see it. This is the last weekend. Call 466-5225 for tickets.


Megan said...

It was INCREDIBLE! I was thoroughly entertained the WHOLE time! I *loved* it!

Do more! Do more!

Ben said...

Yes, extend the run, please!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben! It's Mel from Tucson. Just found the blog through Jennifer's blog and giggled like a small child that there was a Doctor Who image on your entry on my birthday! Tell Megan I said hi!