Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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Happy Hump Day, everyone! I will not make any "hump" jokes in this blog entry.

In the family that is the "Week", Wednesday is the middle child. It is flexible, easy-going. It is the peace-maker between Monday (boring, business) and Friday (party time!). It feels a little life is unfair. Monday got its own pro football game. Tuesday got all the good drink-specials (Two-For-Tuesday). Thursday has a great TV line-up. Friday & Saturday: the party twins. And God loves Sunday the most of all. But what about Wednesday? Everyone forgets Wednesday.

Well, not me, damn it. I love you, Wednesday. Thank you for humping. (Crap, I promised no hump jokes).

In Summary: No hump jokes allowed, Wednesday is the middle-child, Friday and Saturday are twins.

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