Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #151

Today's Word:
crazy dogs at the dog park

Today's Picture:

Jeff? Is that you?

Megan & I took PugPuggy to the dog park on Sunday. It was a beautiful & cloudy day in Austin. I wish for this kind of weather when filming something outdoors. Low shadows & low contrast. We took our chairs to Bull Creek and sat in the creek while PugPuggy chased the big dogs (her favorite activity). Big dogs chase balls. PugPuggy chases the big dogs. This is what it looks like:

She can't touch the bottom where the big dogs go, but she does not care, she just swims while they run.

PugPuggy has no idea she is small. I think it is depth perception problem. Big dogs look small to her when she is far away. Like in this photo, she is probably thinking, "I am just as big as those dogs".

I like that about PugPuggy. Size is relative. So are problems.

Megan made a new friend: a black lab that I was calling "Dopey".

Dopey was very cute, but a very "close talker". He was not respectful of Megan's personal space:

I think he wanted to sit in the same chair as Megan.

In Summary: PugPuggy thinks she is big, be respectful of Megan personal space, big dogs chase balls.

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