Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best of Austin List

Hi Friends and Family.

It is time for shameful begging on behalf of my friends & co-workers.

The Austin Chronicle holds their "Best of Austin" poll once a year. Now is that time. If you would be so kind, please vote for several of my friends & co-workers. You can vote here.

You only have until September 2nd, so please do this today!

Comedy/Improv Troupe - Master Pancake Theater
Local Author/Poet - Owen Egerton
Composer - Brian Satterwhite
Dance Company - Little Stolen Moments
Bed and Breakfast - Carrington's Bluff
Comedian - Les McGehee
Movie Theatre - Alamo Drafthouse
Emergent Local Filmmaker - Kat Candler
Food Event - Alamo Drafthouse Bene-feasts

Here are nominations I would suggest you consider when filling-out your ballot:
New Building (Past Five Years) - City Hall
Public Space - City Hall
Public Art - Stevie Ray Vaughn statue
Austin Landmark - postcard in South Austin
Historic Site - Governor's Mansion (sympathy vote... I am not voting for the resident within)
Architectural Trend - outdoor eating & drinking spaces
Bathroom - Stephen F. Austin lobby bathroom, the Taj Mahal of downtown poopers
Billboard - postcard in South Austin
Sign - postcard in South Austin
Hotel - Hotel San Jose
Motel - Austin motel
Scenester/Mover and Shaker - Leslie
Museum - South Austin museum of popular culture
Visual Artist - Matthew Stuart
Actor/Actress - damnit, only one?! Leslie Langee and Lee Eddy... but there are so many good ones
Film Series - again, only one?! I love Terror Thursdays, Weird Wednesdays, Music Mondays, AFS Screenings... I can not pick one.
Karaoke - Austin Karaoke
Local Food Company - does Wheatsville Food Co-op count?
Business Dining - Roaring Fork
24-Hour/Late - Magnolia Cafe? Kerby Lane? I have no idea.
Drive-Through - Thunder Cloud subs outside the South Lamar Alamo
Restaurant When Someone Else Is Paying - any of them
Place to Take a First Date - I refuse to answer on the grounds that I am married.
Cheap Date - walk around town park
Outdoor Dining - Freddie's in South Austin
Intimate Dining - Jefferies, I guess? Maybe Vespaio?
Farmers' Market - Sunset Valley Farmers’ Market
Neighborhood Grocery - Fresh Plus
Sweets/Goodies - Whole Foods (awesome vegan chocolate ice cream)
Bar Staff - Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz
Bar Ambience - Draught Horse
Neighborhood/Dive Bar - Draught Horse
Beer on Tap - Gingerman
Cocktails/Cocktail Menu - Chuy's Texas Martini
Wine Selection - Vino Vino
Beer Selection - Gingerman
Beer/Wine Prices - Spec's
Best-Kept Secret - my house
Bookstore - Book People (unless Owen tells me different)
Clothes - no idea... ByGeorge?
Haircut - again, no idea, my hair is falling out.
Toys - Toy Joy
Restaurant - Trudy's
DVD Selection - tough choice between I Luv Video, Vulcan Video and Waterloo
Nature Day Trip - tubing
Texas Amusement Park - Schlitterbahn
Cheap Thrill - laughing
Summer Camp - Kat Candler's filmmaking class
Sports/Rec Program - dodge ball on the east side
Local Non-Chronicle Publication - Alamo Drafthouse guide
Music Station - KGSR & KOOP
Radio Music Deejay - John Erler, Mac Blake, Brian Satterwhite... you pick
Radio Talk/News Host - John Erler, Mac Blake, Brian Satterwhite... you pick
Local Blogger - Southpaw Jones
Local Blog -
Local Team - Austin Toros
Annual Event - Fantastic Fest
Scenic View - top of the Frost Bank Building
Solitude/Quiet - my house
Place for a Picnic - Barton Springs
Bike Ride - town lake
Day Trip - Dry = Fredericksburg
Day Trip - Wet = tubing
Place to Tube = Comal River
Place to Camp = Pace Bend Park
Swimming Hole = Deep Eddy
Local Issue = condos on town lake
Elected Official = Will Wynn
City Official = Will Wynn
Council Member = = Brewster McCracken
Unsung Behind-the-Scenester = Tim League
Job = unemployed
Spa = Austin Day Spa
Car Wash = Genie
Veterinarian = Westlake Animal Hospital
Movers = Two Men and a Truck
Thrift Store = Goodwill
Car Dealership = Smart Car Dealership in Round Rock
Local Bookstore = Bookpeople
Computer Store = Frye's
Music Gear = Guitar Center
Record/CD Store = Waterloo
DVD Rental/Purchase = I Luv Video, Vulcan or Waterloo

If you see anyone I accidentally forgot to list, please put it in the comments. There is so much great stuff in Austin, it is often hard to pick one.

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