Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #73

Today's Word:
"Filmmaking Frenzy"
Today's Picture:

I am in short film-making mode again. I finished up the 3rd version of the Master Pancake - Jurassic Park sketch. This is my second attempt at green screening and my first attempt at using Adobe After Effects. I am much happier with my work this time. The first time was a sketch I did with Scott Chester called "Low Budget Celebrity Interview" where we edited-out Barbara Walters asking famous people questions to make it look like we were asking questions. It was a fun idea, but when we showed it at the Alamo, it bombed because the video and audio was out of sync. What a nightmare.

Nonetheless, I am much prouder of my second attempt at green screening. The Master Pancake stuff turned out great and I am very proud of it. Despite the fact we shot it on miniDV, it turned out great. Do you want to see my hand-work? Come to a Master Pancake show any weekend in August at the Alamo Drafthouse.

I have also been cast in Mac's Unnecessary Sequel Filmmaking Frenzy at the Alamo. I am playing a shirtless guy... a role for which I was born.

But the new video project I am excited about: the Alamo Drafthouse's newest Filmmaking Frenzy: a 30 second Fantastic Fest bumper. I am totally going to make one. I am stoked about the project. It will be crude and disturbing... right up my alley. It must involve a child under the age of 18. And it can only be 30 seconds long. Hell yes, this is going to be fun and funny.

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