Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daily "Name This Person And Win!"

The first person who names the person in this picture wins a hug from Ben!!!



Anonymous said...

Mark Spitz...looks like a porn star

Ben said...

Schully is the winner! Schully is the Mark Spitz of Name This Person and Win. You are at 14 right now.

Soon you will be passing Jen to become the Michael Phelps of name this person and win. Jen has 21.5.

Mark Spitz does look like a porn star.

Jennifer said...

Wait...If I am the Michael Jordan of NTPAW (which I am) and Schully has the opportunity to pass me and become the Michael Phelps of NTPAW this means one of two things: either MJ took up swimming (perhaps after baseball?) or just all athletes named Michael have the potential to be great. But what if you put my scores together with Darrell's points. Would we be the Keri Walsh and Misty May-Traenor of NTPAW?

Ben said...

No, if you put you & Darrell together, you would be the Karch Kiraly and Mike Lambert of NTPAW.