Friday, August 8, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #71

Today's Word:
"opening ceremonies"

Today's Picture:

8-8-08... check it out, the 8s are wild. If today's date was a hand in poker, I would move all-in.

Today is also a very, very special date because it is my sister Jodi's birthday. Jodi is my sister who lives & works in Milwaukee. I love her, I miss her. I wish I saw more of her. She is a brilliant & dear sister.

Jodi was born on August 8th... the year will be omitted... but she is younger than me. Jodi is also traveling to China to present a paper about something history-related. She is a presenter at a big conference out there.

That is an interesting connection because the Olympics are starting in China today. I think the opening ceremonies are happening about now.

It is nice that China is so excited about Jodi's visit they decided to host the olympics on her birthday. Now THAT is a present! I only got her a card... which I have yet to mail. I am a horrible brother... but China is a goooood brother\sister.

Nonetheless, Happy Birthday, Jodi!


Anonymous said...

Our friends are getting married today, 8/8/08. They are Chinese and waited 3 years so they could be married on this day. They date or combination of numbers obviously has great significance to the Chinese, but I hadn't really thought about it until Ben mentioed that the Olympics started today! Wacky Stuff. Anyone know what the 8's means?

Jennifer said...

In Chinese, numbers hold meaning based on what the spoken word sounds like. So 8 sounds like prosper or wealth. More 8s you have the better. 6 is also really lucky it sounds like "smooth" or "flowing". Chinese pay big buck for homes with 8s or 6 in the street address and for license plates.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that funny. In Japanese, the number four is pronounced Shichi, which sounds like death, so people stay away from it. Japanese hate #4 so much that they have a second word for it..Yon. That way, they don't need to speak of death when communucating that numeral.

Jennifer said...

4 is sounds like an unlucky word in Chinese, so I wonder if it is similar?! 8 and 6 are really lucky, but 4 and I know 255 are unlucky. I don't know any others.

Jodi said...

Thanks, Ben. My birthday was awesome - best part - the owl flying into our backyard and over my head! Worst part - you not being there. ):

Ben said...

I wish I was in Milwaukee for your birthday.

Jenny Talherpees said...

Another good part was when John flew ice in from the desert on 08.08.08!

(Strawberry and Pina Colada EEGEES shipped fedex over-night for Jodi's b-day!)