Thursday, August 14, 2008

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I have spent very little of my life in the suburbs. I have almost always lived within the city limits. I guess Spicewood, Texas, (the lake house) counts as a suburb, right? I also lived in Desoto, Kansas, which has become a suburb of Kansas City... but that was in 1977-1980... so it has been a while. I house-sat for 1.5 months in Oro Valley, a suburb of Tucson. I think I was born in St. Louis, but I am not sure if I lived in the city itself or a suburb.

I suppose our current house, at one time, was a suburb of Austin. Now, with city expansion, it is becoming part of downtown... almost.

I have become very spoiled living in the city. Movies: 5 minute drive, Target: 5 blocks, Work: 7 minute drive, Grocery Store: 6 minute drive, Downtown: 11 minute drive (with no traffic). I am really lucky, especially with gas prices being what they are today.

Traffic is my enemy. I become irrational. I would much rather sit at a 3 minute red light than sit in 1 minute of stand-still highway traffic. I am weird, eh?

I had co-workers in town from San Jose. They were asking me if the traffic was bad. I answered, "yeah, it is horrible, sometimes it takes me as long as 20 minutes to get downtown." He started laughing. It took him 20 minutes to get out of his neighborhood and 1 hours 10 minutes to drive to work. Crazy, eh?


Megan Bayles Bartley said...

I don't think Spicewood counts as a suburb. It's it's own town. I would thing where we live now is a neighborhood of Austin - Jamestown I think. (Can you tell I'm fighting the thought of ever having lived in a suburb!!!)

sister #3 said...

J+J have this game that I have happily adopted...
There is a street in Milwaukee that all of us go down to get to work/school. You CAN NOT take a left on this street because it holds up traffic - there are signs on every cross street which clearly marks this rule - but people do it anyways because they are lazy/dumb. John started this game where you lay on your horn if the person even TRIES to take a left or has their blinker on. It is fun.

Ben said...

Sounds like a fun game. I want to name the game "Super-Horny".

No, maybe not.

Whatever we call it, I am going to play when I come to Milwaukee.