Monday, August 4, 2008

Still Recovering From the Weekend

Hello fans of the internet.

I am still recovering from a successful first show of Master Pancake's Jurassic Park. Wow, I had fun. If you live in Austin, please come see a show. I guarantee you will laugh yourself silly. We worked pretty hard getting the show together. Joe did a majority of the costuming, John and Lars did the leg work on the movie trimming and modifying and I created a video for the sketch. A lot of things really came together at the end. We had 2 shows on Saturday, both were sold-out, so that was fun. The crowd was loud and ready to laugh.

There were 2 near accidents on the way home from the Alamo Ritz. I saw a guy run-up on the concrete dividing wall on I-35. He hit the cement wall going about 75 MPH and the wall threw him right back into his lane. Hello, drunkard. I always wondered how the black tire marks got so high on the cement retaining dividers on the highway... now I know.

Life is pretty good. I have a bunch of fun things going on this week. Unneccessary Sequels filming, Master Pancake video stuff, watching movies.

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