Thursday, August 7, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #70

Today's Word:
"arm wrestling movies"
Today's Picture:

Do you live in or near Austin?

Do you need something to do tonight?

Would you like to be an extra in a 5-minute movie for an Alamo Filmmaking competition?

Come join Mac Blake (from Mascot Wedding, Master Pancake, etc) guys at the Dirty Dog bar tonight, August 7th, around 7pm (map here).

Mac played Goose in my 5-minute version of Top Gun. If you want to watch him jump into Barton Springs and die in Owen's arms (every man's dreams), check out this video: Top Gun.

If you would like to see Mac's second place entry of Die Hard, then Shoot-The-Glass!

Dress like you are going to an arm-wrestling tournament... or better yet, dress like you are going to a tractor pull... or better yet, dress like you are going to take a girl from DeSoto, Kansas, to the Dairy Queen.

Dirty Dog, 7 PM, tonight, August 7th... be there. I will be there a little late, but I will be there.


Anonymous said...

Ben, you may not beleive this, but when I was in my early teens, people used to say that I looked like Stallone's kid in that movie. I never thought that I ever did, but more than 10 different people told me that. Isn't that silly?
Also, my word verification code for this post was "naybj" that totally makes me think of getting shut down for sex.

Anonymous said...

you had your chance, friends of Ben. Now all you can do is watch the finished product and cry.