Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Things About Me

Yes, I caught the Facebook flu... 25 things about me. 99 times out of a 100, I will not do something like this. I figured since I did it, I may as well own it and publish it.

Here it is. Copied-and-pasted from Facebook.

25 random things about me:
1) I lived in Japan and worked for the Hiroshima Carp, a professional baseball team in Japan. I was the team's mascot... yes, mascot.

2) I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated... dressed up like a cat... again with the damn mascot thing. Thank you, 1997 Arizona Wildcat basketball team for the best sports memory of my life.

3) I was raised in a blind school... yes, a blind school.

4) I left high school half-way through my senior year because my parents moved. I like to say I was a "beauty school drop out"

5) I was unemployed and living in my parents basement in Louisville, Kentucky, when I met my wife... I was a huge catch. I am constantly amazed she married me. Jedi mind trick, I guess.

6) My number one goal in life has always been to be a dad. Weird, eh? Kids don't scare me.

7) I won tickets to see David Letterman. I took my sister, Jen. I was briefly on TV when Dave walked into the audience. I also won tickets to an Allman Brothers concert where I caught a drum stick. I took my friend, Juris. I won tickets to San Carlos, Mexico. I took my family. I win things.

8) I gave Bob Dole a noogie.

9) I have been to 6 out of 7 continents... and I have plans to make it 7 of 7. This from a guy who, at age 18, defiantly swore to his parents that he would never leave Kansas City, Kansas.

10) In Tokyo, I saw the emperor of Japan drive-by in a car when I was with my economics professor, Gary Libecap. That was the only time I have ever seen an emperor. He waved at us... it was surreal.

11) My favorite baseball player growing up was Jamie Quirk.

12) I drink more than I should, weigh more than I should and have more fun than anyone should.

13) I want to make a feature length movie this year.

14) I play piano... but not really well. I know sign language... but not really well. I speak Japanese... but not very well.

15) I was student body president of my high school.

16) I never wanted a dog. Megan wanted a dog. But now that I have a dog, I love my dog and can not imagine being without a dog.

17) My first car was an 83 Honda Civic hatchback that an unnamed sister & I got to 100+ miles per hour between Wichita and Kansas City on our way back from a high school leadership conference. Miraculously, I am still alive.

18) I was born in St. Louis, Missouri. I love it there.

19) In high school, my friend, Jason, had a CB radio that you could talk over the QuickTrip (gas station) PA system. It was the source of most of my fun in high school.

20) I saw the Grateful Dead in Las Vegas roughly 3 months before Jerry Garcia died... The Dave Matthews Band opened. I saw James Brown 6th months before he died.

21) Curse words are awesome.

22) I perform with a comedy troupe called Master Pancake at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, Texas... don't believe me, come to "The Matrix" show on February 6th or 7th.

23) I have 3 sisters, all of their names start with a J. I love them all equally.

24) Paul Rudd, Martyn Starr and Jonah Hill once rode in the back seat of my car. They were cool. Paul Rudd lived in Johnson County, Kansas. I lived in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Small world.

25) 5 days after I arrived in Japan, Hiroshima had a 6.9 earthquake. It scared the hell out of me. When it started, I thought I caused it. I thought I accidentally pushed a button that made the earth start shaking.

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