Friday, February 6, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #133

Today's Word:
"It's Friday!"

Today's Picture:


This is the last weekend of Master Pancake "The Matrix" shows. I am stoked about this run of shows. It was a last minute decision to do this one... and the video sketch required some late nights. But it has been a blast and totally worth it. Joe & John - "you alived me". Thank you.

Here is the most unflattering picture I could find of Joe and John. Neo wakes up from is in his goo-tube to find Morphius with him... covered in slime (thanks for posting the picture, John).

Damn, that show was fun.

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Megan Bayles Bartley said...

Ben, why didn't you post the picture that has the three of you neck-ed (yes Schully, I meant to spell it that way) on stage???? I'm sure everyone wants to see you in your man panties... I prefer the mint green ones (thanks Jess!).