Friday, February 13, 2009

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Friday the 13th

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Happy Friday the 13th, everyone.

I think the picture above is from Part 8? ... maybe, memory fails me.

Last night, I saw a special screening of the new Friday the 13th. The guy who plays Jason, Derek Mears, was at the screening. Les went to the movie with me. It turns out that Derek & Les know each other. Derek is a member of ComedySportz in Los Angeles. Derek performs with my friend Andre. Andre & I were members of the same class at ComedySportz Austin. He is my long-lost twin brother. Here is a picture of us together:

Yes, that was a few years ago. I was young back then.

Andre made a public access TV show of which I was a part. It was called TV Junkies. I think the episodes are still out there. Andre is a very talented & funny dude. I wish he was still in Austin, but if he is going to make it big, he needed to go to LA. I am happy for him... and I will get to say I knew him "back when".

Friday the 13th was exactly what I hoped for... fun and more fun. I had a blast at the movie. The movie itself is exactly what you want from a Friday the 13th movie. Derek is my new favorite Jason. Derek re-enacted a killing with Zach (from the Alamo). We missed the kill because one of the projectors blew... no big deal, that stuff happens. I sure wish it would have happened during Marley and Me, but oh well. Zach MC'ed the thing very nicely... he smoothed over the awkward situation like butter on roadkill. Yes, "butter on roadkill" is a compliment.

If you like the Friday the 13th genre of movies, you will like this one. Enjoy your time at Camp Crystal Lake. Go see it.

In Summary: Jason Voorhees is friends with Andre, I was young once, Zach is like butter on roadkill.

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