Friday, February 20, 2009

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Today's Word:
Fun with Master Pancake

Today's Picture:

What are you doing tonight?


Great! Come see Master Pancake at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. There are tickets still left for our mocking of The Matrix tonight. Before our last showing the The Matrix, the show sold out the Monday before the first show. Procrastinators rejoice! You still have time to buy tickets!!!

I hope you can make it. If you do, come say hello to me after the show.


Megan Bayles Bartley said...

It's awesome. I highly recommend going!

Ben said...

Thanks, you are awesome, too. Coooooo coooooo.

Anonymous said...

I'll be a little late - in fact, I probably won't make it at all.

This verification word must be related to your LOLcat post.


mac blake said...

Stop using our reddish shirts to sell your show, Bartley.

Ben said...

Mac Blake, you ol' son of a beetch, you can take your matching red shirts and... turn them FABULOUS!