Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #130

Today's Word:
"green screen"

Today's Picture:

No, that is not me.

I love that the guy is holding his green screen in place with Raisin Bran boxes. Classic. Although this guy's setup may as well be ILM or Trouble Maker studios compared to the green screen I built.

Three weekends ago, I built a green screen in my garage. I bought a huge roll of green paper from Gear Rental in Austin. (Thank you, Kat & Chadwick) I removed some shelves from my garage and installed a roll of paper. The impetus behind this green screen was a sketch that I am doing with Master Pancake during "The Matrix" show.

I don't want to ruin the sketch for the people who have not yet seen the show, but here are a couple of pictures of Joe Parsons in 2 positions as he tries to cross a busy street during the sketch...

... and ...

... this is Joe's good side. Zing!

The first creation for Master Pancake turned out pretty well. Jason came up to me after the first show and said, "did you film that in your garage?" I said yes. He said, "yup, it sounded like it". Zing!

I would invite you to the last Master Pancake show, but all 4 shows were sold out within 24 hours of going on sale. This is our last weekend, too.


dan said...

Isn't that guy's camera pointed the wrong direction? Or is the green screen for the cameraman?

Ben said...

It does look backwards, but I think it is OK. I like the fact that he does not have a friend to work the camera, so he has has to flip the view-finder. The name of his studio is Lonely Filmmaker Productions.