Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #134

Today's Word:
megan gets an award

Today's Picture:

I don't know the Megan in this picture. I am not sure for what this Megan received an award.

But I know this Megan...

... she married me. Crazy, eh?

Megan received an award from the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists for her work on the board. She is returning as a board member next year. Hooray!

I think she should also win the following awards:
1) Stinkiest Husband Award
2) Most Valuable PugPuggy Parent (MVPP)
3) Healthy Cookie Maker of the Year

Have you never met Megan? She is the one covering her face while I perform the skit at the Master Pancake show.

In Summary: Megan won an award, I smell bad, Master Pancake's skit makes Megan blush


Anonymous said...

Ben~ your Megan is way prettier!

Ben said...