Monday, May 12, 2008

Back in Austin

We are home!

Megan & I got back to Austin last night around 5:15 PM. We picked up PugPuggy from our friend Erin and then ate dinner at Trudy's. It was a good night.

I am back at work & trying to stay awake.

This morning we drove to pick-up Megan's car from Roger at Motormania. If you have a VW, you undoubtedly need to get it fixed. I am not sure what is wrong with your VW, but I do not doubt that something is wrong with it.

If you have a VW & you live near Austin, you need to get it fixed at Motormania. Roger at Motormania is the first mechanic who I trust. He earned that trust through a bad experience. The alternator on Megan's VW went out about 4 years ago. I could smell it cooking. Roger replaced it. About 4 weeks later, the alternator went out again. The second time it happened, I was pissed. But Roger replaced the alternator for free, gave us 4 free oil changes and apologized until he was blue in the face. It was not his fault the alternator went bad the second time. Roger did not make the alternator, he just put it in the car. But he made me feel like he was going to take care of me. He made me feel like he was going to fix it. Ever since that experience, we have always taken Megan's VW to him. And we always will.

When we get rid of Megan's car, we are not going to get another VW. The only reason I would buy a VW is so that I could have Roger & the guys at Motormania work on it.

When we drove out to Motormania, we drove down Anderson Mill road from 183 to 620. They finally opened up 2 lanes in each direction. They have been working on that road since I moved to Austin. It is so much better. Nice work, road workers.