Monday, May 26, 2008

Young @ Heart & Son of Rambow

I went to see Indiana Jones tonight. There were 2 shows at the Alamo Village (a 7 PM and a 7:05 PM). Both shows were sold-out. Until I typed that last sentence, I did not think how appropriate it was that Indiana Jones sold-out. I am sure it was one of many Indiana Jones sell-outs. I am sure it was one of many George Lucas sell-outs. Congratulations, on your financial success, George Lucas.

Is it just me or does George Lucas look a little bit more like Kenny Rogers every day?

Bullshite! You are becoming his identical twin, George Lucas!

What?! Come on, Kenny Rogers! Are you kidding me?! George Lucas looks just like you! What, am I crazy? Am I out of my mind?

You're right, PugPuggy. I am out of my gourd. Nonetheless, George Lucas looks like Kenny Rogers.

The main difference between George and Kenny: Kenny knew when to hold 'em, knew when to fold 'em, knew when to walk away, knew when to run. He never counted his money, while he's sitting at the table.

So instead of seeing Indiana Jones at the Alamo (my favorite theater in Austin), I saw Young @ Heart at my third favorite movie theater in Austin: the Arbor.

Young @ Heart = one of my favorites. I cried 25 minutes into the movie. I have never done that before. Sometimes, I am a giant pansy. Sometimes, I cry. I wish I did not cry at movies, but that is just who I am. Why did I cry at Young @ Heart? I was thinking about my grandpa in Missouri & how much I miss him. Ask me about my Grandpa Brueggemann sometime, I will tell stories for about 9 hours until you fall asleep... and even then I will nudge you to keep you awake so I can tell you another one. In short: Grandpa Brueggemann is my hero. When I grow up, I want to be him.

This summer, here are my top six movies:
1) Son of Rambo
2) Young @ Heart
3) Big Man Japan (thank you, thank you, Alamo Drafthouse & Tim League)
4) Iron Man
5) Batman - Dark Knight
6) Forgetting Sarah Marshall... I saw it at SXSW, the actors were there, the crowd was hyped... maybe the experience was better than the movie, but I liked it

There are a bunch of movies I have not seen yet (Speed Racer, Indian Jones, The Counterfeiters, Redbelt, Prince Caspian, Harold & Kumar, etc). Does anyone else know of good movies I should see? If so, put them in the comments.

I have not seen Batman yet... nonetheless, I put it in my top 6. I just can't wait to see Heath Ledger as the Joker. I am so psyched for this movie. I loved Batman Begins.

In summary:
George Lucas vaguely resembles Kenny Rogers.
Go see this movie:

And go see this movie:

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