Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friends in Northern California

Northern California houses several of my greatest friends. I got to hang out with a lot of them this past weekend.

Quentin was our next door neighbor when we lived in the apartment at 1200 Elm St in Austin. This is Megan & I with Quentin.

Quentin is a brilliant guru of advertising. Ask him about using my back hair to get ahead in the advertising world (long story).

Suzie is Megan's cousin. Dan is Suzie's husband. I am married to Megan. That makes Dan and I... husbands-of-cousins-in-laws... or something like that. Dan is a firefighter and cabinet store operator in San Jose. Their house was about 10 minutes from our hotel. We ate dinner at Original Joe's in San Jose, across from the (very yellow) Montgomery hotel. Dan told me they were going to move the Montgomery hotel to Texas. I don't understand how or why, but they are going to do it. I hope they put it in my backyard. That would be awesome. Here is a picture of Dan, Suzie, Megan & I.

And this is a picture of Lucca, their dog:


Jennifer said...

Your friends look nice, but what I really want is more info on Luca. Would Luca like to come visit me in Tucson? If I send a wedding invitation to Luca, would Luca attend? Would Luca choose chicken or fish? Does Luca enjoy Jumbos?

Ben said...

Lucca undoubtedly would come to your wedding. She would love chicken. And most importantly, she would guide you home after YOU had too many Jumbos (she gave up drinking after the possum incident).