Friday, May 23, 2008

Working Through the Weekend

I am "on call" this weekend. What does that mean? That means any poor soul who uses my company's software can call me if they have a problem. Scarey, eh?

So this weekend, I will be carrying around a blackberry like a dork. I hate it when people use their phones too much. I will be one of those people this weekend. I am bummed.

But my duty will be done. Everyone in my department has to carry the blackberry for one holiday weekend per year. This is my holiday weekend. Memorial Day. Last year, it was Thanksgiving. Before that: Christmas\New Years. That really sucked. This year, I sacrifice this weekend so I can enjoy Thanksgiving & Christmas.

I had to cancel on some friends this weekend. No short-filmmaking. No camping. No fun.

Just work, work, work.

Don't feel sorry for me. I have a job. Hooray.

In other "uninteresting news of Ben Bartley", I took an allergy medicine last night. I have been drowsy all day. That stuff kills me. I can not take it ever again.

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One Small Step said...

I highly recommend taking the all-natural herbal supplement "Allergy Rescue" by Rainbow Light. (here is a picture: I only know this because We the People shares a space with an herbalist. You can take it whenever you have an allergy attack and it doesn't have any side effects. This was great news to someone (me!) who lives in the Ohio Valley (allergy-central!!). yay!