Friday, May 9, 2008

Ben in Ben T-Shirt

I have an obsession: me.

I fucking love me. Seriously, I am great. I would hug me if my arms faced the other way. I should name something after me. Maybe I will poop in the toilet and name my crap "Lil' Ben". Speaking of "Lil' Ben", here is a picture of me when I was 8:

Wow, I love me when I was little.

How in love am I with myself? I wear a T-Shirt of myself. Need proof, check it out:

Yup, that is me wearing a picture of myself.

Holy crap, I am out of my mind.

And I still have that same grin... but less hair.

"Where did I get such a lovely T-Shirt?" bloggers everywhere ask. From this pretty lady:

Yup, my lovely wife Megan made me a T-Shirt of myself. She also made me business cards with this same picture on it.

Megan - thank you for my T-Shirt. I promise not to kiss it while we are in public.


dan said...

I think that T-Shirt should be the new prize in the "Name this person & win" posts. Or the upcoming "read this post and don't comment" posts.

Jennifer said...

Does that shirt come in a medium? I love it! Megan rocks.

Ben said...

Mental note: get Dan & Jen a T-Shirt of me for Christmas. Mental note done.

Megan Bayles Bartley said...

I'm starting a new business: The Ben Bartley T-Shirt Company. That's right folks. Get 'em while they're hot (off the press, not stolen)! No seriously, if you'd like one let me know. They're $20 a pop!

Anonymous said...

Ben, be sure to keep that photo of you wering the Shirt with your Photo. Then , when you are older and wrinklier, make a shirt of THAT photo. Keep doing that every few years until you die a delightfully painful death. Sweet!

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Love, Anonymously Amorous