Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Megan & I have abandoned PugPuggy again. She is a good dog. I love her. But we keep leaving her. Specifically, we keep leaving her with Erin Molson. I am sorry PugPuggy.

I know you are in good hands. Erin rocks.

PugPuggy, get off the couch and stop cursing.

PugPuggy. You. Little. Bitch. Wait until your father gets home... wait, that's me...

OK, so why did I abandon PugPuggy? Because I went to a wedding! Megan's cousin Jenny got married. Who did she marry? Jonathan. Who are Jenny and Jonathan? These people:

Jenny & Jonathan had a beautiful wedding in Napa Valley. Jenny picked such lovely flowers. See:

I love this picture of them leaving the church.

We had a lovely time at the wedding and hanging out with Megan's family. They are an extremely tall bunch. It is like Megan's family was born wearing dry-walling stilts. Here is a group picture.

OK, so here is everybody in the picture, starting in the back, left to right.

Back Row: me (holding a beer... yes, I drank a beer in Napa Valley... sue me), Megan, Freddie (Megan's brother), Susan (Megan's mom), Brent (Mary's husband), Mary (Megan's cousin), Suzie (Megan's cousin), Dan (Suzie's husband).

Front Row (left to right): Judy (Megan's aunt... Megan's mom's sister), Fred (Megan's dad), Jenny (Megan's cousin and the lovely bride)

Not pictured is the groom, Jonathan. Also not pictured was Freddie’s girl, Heather, aka "the worst wedding date ever"! LOL!

Both cousin Mary & cousin Suzie are expecting their first babies. Crazy-fun times in the family.

This is my first time to Napa Valley. Megan & I stayed at the Solage. They let us use their bikes. We rode around wine country which looked like this:

Drinking wine & riding around on a beach cruiser... sounds like a good recipe for death. Good news: we did not die. I like the Smart Car in that picture. Total accident, I was not trying to get it in the picture. In fact, I had my back to traffic.

This week, I am working at my company's corporate head-quarters. I am meeting so many people that I never met before. It is always weird putting faces with voices. Some people look exactly how you expect. Some people don't look anything like you expect.

People in San Jose thought I would be skinnier. They were wrong. I am thick.

That is about it. I will blog more regularly when I get back to Texas.

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