Monday, September 22, 2008

Fantastic Fest - Best Short According to Ben

Yesterday was an awesome day at Fantastic Fest. I saw several movies:
The Animated Shorts
Zombie Girl: THE MOVIE
Short Fuse: Live-Action Shorts
The Wildman of Navidad

I will have entirely separate blog entries about JCVD & The Wildman of Navidad (both of which I loved). But this blog entry is about a short I saw yesterday.

The name of this short: MUTO.

Holy crap. This short is a stop-motion form of street art. The filmmaker transforms urban landscape into a moving palette of crazy-ass art. This is by far the most ambitious animation project I have ever seen.

I have never been more amazed by a short in my life. Seriously, watch this short and think about the time & talent it took to make this. I am totally floored.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Thank you, Fantastic Fest.


Anonymous said...

That video is pretty amazing. I can't stop thinking about how much effort and time it must have taken

Leslie said...

Wow that was cool! Gonna give me some really strange dreams though...