Friday, September 19, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #94

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #
Today's Word:
"no posts since Tuesday"

Today's Picture:

Weird, eh?

I don't know what the movie "The Human Experience" is about. I don't know what it has to do with "no posts since Tuesday". But that is what came back.

So I have been out of blogging-action since Tuesday. My bad. I got busy. Then yesterday was my 4 year wedding anniversary. Hooray. Megan & I got married on the same day as Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Using the "Federline\Spears Scale of Marriage Longevity", Megan & I's marriage has been a raging success. (Sorry K-Fed)

Megan and I went out for wine & appetizers last night. It was really nice. We talked and drank and had fun... all at the same time. Crazy.

I heard some good news from my friend Mark today. He told me that they premiered my "Ken Grows A Pen(" bumper at Fantastic Fest. This is a direct quote from Mark "I saw your trailer last night before my midnight screening and the audience LOVED it, I mean L O V E D it!" Sweet. Nice to know there are other sick people in the world like me. Brian Satterwhite's music kicks-ass.

I start watching Fantastic Fest movies tonight. Here is my line-up:
7:30 Eagle Eye
10 PM Your Name Here
11:45 Tokyo Gore Police 11:55 PM

I am stoked. This is my first Fantastic Fest.

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