Monday, September 8, 2008

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Today's Word:
"hot in hell"

Today's Picture:

Welcome to my blog, Shirtless Man!

Shirtless man, I have a few questions for you:
#1) Where is your belt?
#2) Where in Texas is Texas Highway 666?
#3) Does John Bon Jovi know you borrowed his pants?
#4) Who took this picture for you... and were they laughing?
#5) How many payments left on the Chevy Aveo?
... let's see what else, I know there is something else I want to ask a shirtless guy...
#6) Why did you take your shirt off for this picture?

So I finished my clip for Fantastic Fest. You can see it at It is entitled "Barbie and Ken". It is definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work... for the internet-challenged). Seriously, this one is on the more disturbing side of things I have made. For those who don't watch it, think "Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story" meets "Boogie Nights". Or better yet, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" meets "Team America: World Police". For the brave & un-offend-able (most people I know will love this), bravely click here. If you watch it, please read positive comments in the comment field.

My buddy Brian scored the music for the short. When he watched it the first time (after he finished laughing), he asked, "am I going to hell for having seen that"?

The answer I gave Brian: you are going to hell just for being my friend; don't blame Barbie & Ken.

I am proud of what I made, but I know my mom & dad would hate it. Sorry, parental units, I love you very much... but I am me. I must be me. And yes, your son is over 30 years old and still plays with Barbies. Good thing I married a therapist.

I love Brian's score for the short film. If you listen closely, you will hear that Brian used children's instruments in the score. From Brian's blog entry, I learned that he used: an Elmo guitar, a squeeky toy, a cute caterpillar glockenspiel, a toy violin, a toy guitar from mexico, a lightsaber, and a drum. Seriously, how f-ing talented is Brian Satterwhite?! It is crazy. He did a phenomenal job (especially when you consider he had a 24-hour turn-around time on this project). I am looking forward to seeing whatever he makes next.

Also, I need to give some major props to my buddy Les who brought his daughters Marina & Lucia to play with Barbies at my house. Marina & Lucia have bright careers in their future in the entertainment industry. I hope they include me in their imdb page some day. :) The talent pool is deep in the McGehee family. Les has good seed... wow, I can not believe I typed that last sentence.

Finally, I need to thank the lovely and talented Megan did some voice-over work for me. It was much appreciated. I also want to thank her for not stealing my Barbies. (I saw you eye-ing them.) For the past couple of weeks, Megan would ask me, "What are you up to?" to which I would respond (in a valley-girl voice), "I'm playing with my Bawbies. " or "I am going to brush my Bawbies". In the process of making this short, I decided the word "Bawbie" was funnier than "Barbie".

In other news, Master Pancake Jurassic Park got extended (AGAIN!). Both shows this past weekend were sold-out. I think we have done 18 consecutive sold-out shows of Master Pancake Jurassic Park. But this weekend is DEFINITELY the last weekend. We are performing at the Alamo Village (hooray, North Austin!) If you have not seen the show yet, this is your last chance. You can buy tickets here. Come drink a beer and watch dinosaurs with me.

In Summary: shirtless guys in Texas drive Chevy Aveos, Brian Satterwhite rocks, I play with Bawbies, come see Master Pancake Jurassic Park at the Alamo Village on Saturday.

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