Friday, September 5, 2008

Daily "Name This Person And Win!"

The first person who names the person in this picture wins a hug from Ben!!!



Anonymous said...

Schully says TD! Tony Dorsett #33

Anonymous said...

Am I the only contestant here?

Ben said...

Schully - You have now taken the over-all lead with 24. Jennifer is #2 with 23.5.

Should I make this a weekly-name-this-person-and-win? Maybe every Friday?

Jennifer said...

Schully- I will be back to claim my lead, don't get too comfy there!
Ben- I appreciate the randomness of the NTPAW, if you do it every Friday it'll lose some of the fun. There is nothing better than checking your blog and finding a wide-open NTPAW just posted. I'll be back in full force post-wedding.

Ben said...

OK, it will stay at Daily. But Schully will be expanding his lead until October.