Friday, September 5, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #85

Today's Word:
"Fantastic Fest 2008"
Today's Picture:

Yup, I am going. I got a hook-up for a badge through a friend of a friend. Thank you for going to Russia, Brady Dial. And thank you for knowing Brady, Brian. I owe you both a beer.

I am stoked. I have been burning through the films and trying to understand the process. More importantly, I have been working on my "shaky-face" photo. A "shakey-face" photo is when you take a picture of yourself shaking your head side-to-side as fast as possible. Here is a good example:

And here is a bad example (mine):

I am not very good at it as a) my hair is not long and b) my cheeks are not loose. I am OK with the former and proud of the latter.

In all my "shakey-face" photos I look either stupid or drunk. Probably both.

The shakey-face photo will be used by Fantastic Fest for our official badge. Bad-ass, eh?

This is my first FF and I am stoked.

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