Friday, September 12, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #91

Today's Word:
"Houston we have a problem"

Today's Picture:

Here comes Ike. Things look bad for Galveston. I hope everyone got out of there. The news is warning everyone of a potential "20 foot wall of water". That sounds bad. I don't want a 20-foot-wall-of-anything coming near my house.

The city of Austin seems as prepared as a city can be. They let people out of school at noon today so they could use the schools as emergency shelters, if needed. People are on edge. Now, let's see what happens. It might be Katrina, it might be another "Year 2000" scare.

I am about 180 miles from Houston. The storm is supposed to be east of Austin tomorrow morning, with rain lasting a full day. Nothing major will happen here... just trees falling and rain.

Go away, Hurricane Ike.


dan said...

I could go for a 20ft wall of bacon. Hell, make it 30ft (40ft would be a bit much though).

So much for that day of rain...

Anonymous said...

I'd take a 20 foot wall of strippers, or weed, or cash.