Monday, September 15, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #92

Today's Word:
"My teams suck"

Today's Picture:

OK, so if you want a specific team to lose, make sure that you tell me to root for that team.

Here are my favorite teams of all time:
1) The Kansas City Royals
2) The Kansas City Chiefs
3) The Arizona Wildcats (college football\basketball\anything)

Here is how my sports life is going:
1) The Royals are 18.5 games back of the White Sox in baseball.
2) The Chiefs lost to one of the worst teams in pro football: the Oakland Raiders
3) The Arizona Wildcats lost to a Mountain West football team: the New Mexico Lobos

What is really funny is that all of these teams rocked at one point. The Royals were unbeatable when they had George Brett & Bret Saberhagen. The Chiefs went 13-3 with Elvis Grbac as their quaterback! The Arizona Wildcats went 12-1 and beat Miami in the Fiesta bowl not 10 year ago.

Now all three team suck.

The only thing these 3 teams have in common: they have me as a fan.

I take full responsibility for any short-comings of all three programs.

I am going to cry now.


Anonymous said...

A couple o' points. Al Davis is a genius, on the cutting edge of football. He never meddles with his coaches and let's them do a great job. He always gives his players and coaching staff pleanty of time to prove themselves, and he never wears and silver or black sweatsiut. Ah, sarcasm.

Jennifer said...

Will you stop supporting the Pirates too? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I believe this photo is from a XXX movie cover. I am sure of it.