Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog Entry #2

#2. Blog entry #2... good ol' #2. This blog entry is starting poorly already. I started it with a thinly veiled reference to poop.

Speaking of #2, the Texas primaries were last night. I have never voted in a primary before. Because I live in Texas, I never felt like my vote counted. For the last 2 elections, in spite what I said or did, we knew how Texas was going to fall... to the Crawford Cowboy... The Decider. It made me want to move to Florida or Ohio... you know, a state where your vote counts. But this year, it changed. Suddenly Texas was important to the Democrats.

The funny thing about this election is: I have always wanted to vote for a black man or a woman to be president. We are long-past-due for it to happen. But now I have to DECIDE between the 2. Crazy.

We have had enough white guys be president... YOU HEARD ME, ANDREW JACKSON!!!

I had never participated in a Texas primary before. Last night, I found out the reason for it: the Texas primaries suck. The system could not be more confusing. Tuesday morning I went to the voting machine. Because Texas is weird, Tuesday night, I went back to the caucus at the local high school. The caucus leader was wildly unprepared for the size of the crowd. There was no microphone. There was one person who was in charge of 300+ people. At the caucus, you sign-up on a sheet of paper (YES, A SHEET OF PAPER) for the candidate you support. The problem: there were only about 8 sheets of paper... 20 names per sheet... you do the math. Eventually, they found more paper.

The woman running the caucus said that when Kerry ran against Bush in 2004, only 4 people showed up for the caucus. Yes... four. Last night, there were more than four. It was packed.

The inspiring thing I saw last night: there are a bunch of people who care about the future of our country. Even in Texas, we know things need to change. Sometimes it feels like America cares more about who is going to win American Idol than how we are treating the rest of the world. Last night, that was not the case.

Both camps (Hillary camp & Obama camp) were passionate about changing what has been happening with our country. I am glad I am not the only person concerned about the moral direction of our country, especially when it comes to international relations.

This blog has been too heavy. Politics does that to me. I get too serious. I should have gotten more sleep last night. I promise, more poop references in the next blog.

In summary: #2 wears a thin veil, Andrew Jackson wants me to "shove it", I need a nap.