Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Owen & Jodi Are Having A Boy!!!

For my friends who don't live in Austin, Jodi & Owen Egerton are dear friends with whom I do fun, creative things (improv, comedy videos, movie mockery, drinking, etc) Jodi and Owen were the ones who sang Megan & I's first-dance-song at my wedding.

Great news out of the Egerton family: Owen and Jodi are having a boy. Need proof? Here is the ultrasound-thingy. The little circle shows that it is a boy. As Jodi explained to me, imagine he is sitting on a copy machine:

Here is a sentence that should never by typed:

Here is another sentence that should never be typed:
Nice penis, Owen!

Upon hearing about the conception of Jowen and Odi's first baby, Arden, I performed my own ultrasound to prove that Jodi & Owen were indeed the parents. Here was the results of the ultrasound I performed on Arden:

My ultrasound clearly shows that Arden is the offspring of both Jodi & Owen. What is most incredible about Arden drinking Guinness in Jodi's womb, she is drinking it with her feet. Arden gestated with talent. Her talent continues to grow.

THEREFORE, for the new baby Egerton, I again busted-out my Fischer Price paternity test & ultra sound machine. The science community screams for me to investigate the paternity of this baby inside Jodi's belly. Scientist everywhere scream, "Are Jodi & Owen the parents, Ben?!" It is my duty to ease their minds so they can go back to putting lipstick on animals. I have done my ultrasound test on the new Egerton boy... below are my results:

A book on Friedrich Nietzsche and a bottle of Don Julio... the scientific community can relax: Jodi and Owen are clearly the parents of this baby boy.

Congratulations, Jodi & Owen. I am super excited for you & Arden.


Chairman of the Beer Drinking Convention said...
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Ben said...

I am going to get the video of Jodi and Owen singing my first dance song on the internet. It is one of my favorite memories from my wedding.

jodi said...

Awww...lovely lovely lovely! Thank you!

And I will never forget singing that song. Especially because I was newly pregnant with Arden and just past the first trimester nausea. I remember thinking in the weeks before your wedding "I'm not sure if I can sing without barfing!" But then that stage passed, and instead I sang and danced, and then I ate about nine plates of food and grew about half of Arden's body that night...

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