Monday, March 17, 2008

SXSW, Goliath & Red Bull Moon Tower

I love my weekends. I love them. They are so great. I especially love my weekends in Austin, Texas, at this time of year. The weather is in the mid-70s. Festivals are in full swing. People are excited to escape our 2-month winter (I am giggling as I type that). Light is in the sky until 7 or 8 PM. Yes, I love it.

This weekend was especially awesome. I got to do some great SXSW film stuff.

I saw Assassination of a High School President with Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis plays a patriotic, Catholic high school principal. This was my favorite Bruce Willis role since the original Die Hard. He is so perfect for the role: insane & intense. As a product of 12 years of Catholic school, I must admit this movie was nothing like the principals at my schools. Sister Loraine was much tougher than Bruce Willis... and half the size.

Next, I saw a midnight showing of Dance of the Dead. Disclaimer: I am SO tired of the zombie movie... but this was a GREAT movie. The plot was delightfully ridiculous, the special effects were awesome. I was just so happy with this movie. I had a blast watching it. The audience had a blast, too. I am so glad I saw this movie. The movie was zombies meet a high school prom. How simple & great.

I also saw the Zellner Brother's movie: Goliath. I really enjoy the things that the Zellner brothers make. They are local Austinites & creative wonders. They make me proud to live & create in this city.

In a random encounter, I scored passes to the Red Bull Moon Tower party. I was walking home after Dance of the Dead & a guy approached me. He was wildly looking for a ride. At first, I just thought he was drunk... turns out he had lent his car to his dad. His dad took the car back to the hotel. TJ & his buddy needed a ride back to his car so he could pick up the passes & get into the Red Bull Moon Tower party. I gave him a ride. TJ was extremely thankful. So thankful, he gave me passes. I think it was pretty random that I gave TJ a ride. But, ya know, it's Austin. And that is what we do here in Austin. You put good things out there, hopefully good things come back to ya. Keep that positive vibe flowing, ya know?

Megan & I went to the Red Bull Moon Tower Party. We saw Henri Mazza, of Alamo Drafthouse fame, hosting the bands. Henri and I wore similar hats. We could have made a Noir movie together in our hats.

That was my weekend. Also, I did some yard work... BORING! Not gonna blog about it.

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