Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Mow of 2008

Here is something that proves I am crazy: I love mowing the grass.

I am not sure what I love about it. Here is a possible list:

  • the smell of fresh cut grass
  • the roar of the mower
  • PugPuggy barking at me
  • walking outside
  • the look of the lawn after I am done

I don't know why I love it, but I love mowing.

Growing up in Kansas City, we lived in an apartment. There was lots of grass, but we never had a mower. Most kids would have been thrilled at not HAVING to mow the grass, but I always felt like I never GOT to mow the grass.

Going to my grandparents in Union, Missouri was a treat because I occasionally got to help grandpa mow his grass. I remember using my grandpa's weed-eater for the first time. It had a strap you could put over your back to help you carry it. He had an industrial weed eater... it was wildly dangerous... and fun.

Last night, I mowed my grass for the first time in 2008. It will be the first of several mows in this 2008th year since the birth of the big JC. It was exciting. I almost took pictures, but I did not... it looked something like this...

... the main differences between my mowing experience and this picture:
  1. I did not wear a suit
  2. I am not a zombie

Tonight is the second annual Greaster celebration! Pictures will be posted tomorrow of all our Greaster food.

In summary: I like to mow, I celebrate Greaster, I am not a zombie, Darrell loves my summaries, Darrell loves my summaries again.


Jennifer said...

I have never ever mowed a lawn. We always had lawns (until my move to the AZ) and I always had big brothers. So no mow for me. I n summary: I had lawns, I have brothers, I have never mowed, I have never mowed.

Chairman of the Beer Drinking Convention said...
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Chairman of the Beer Drinking Convention said...

zrshbou. What are the chances that two words in a row will begin with the letter z?

I'm going to eat at El Minuto now and have a few margarita's.

Ben said...

El Minuto... so yummy. Next time I am in Tucson, we are going to hit some old Mexican food haunts.