Friday, March 21, 2008

PugPuggy at Opal Devine's South

So I was going to watch the Arizona basketball game last night. I bought beer and was prepared to drink with Megan in front of the TV. But then Megan had to work late & went to a friend's house to watch Lost. Around the same time, my buddy, Scott Chester, called and invited me to Opal Devine's South. Opal Devine's has a great outdoor patio & it was beautiful. Hanging out with my friends is much more fun that drinking alone.

So I packed PugPuggy in the car and took her to drink beer with the boys.

PugPuggy LOVES being in public. She gets way too excited: tail wagging, barking at anything, jumping into total stranger's chairs. If she could talk, she would be constantly screaming, "HI THERE! YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME! HI OVER THERE! HELLO NEW FRIEND!!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" She is ADD. I love it.

Last night, PugPuggy got to hang out with Scott's dog Polycarp. Polycarp is a much older dog... maybe 10 years old. Poly does not know what to think of PugPuggy. PugPuggy is always in Poly's face... she is up in his grill. It is kinda funny because Poly is about 5 times bigger than PugPuggy. PugPuggy wants to play with Poly... Poly wants to eat french fries & sleep.

I like drinking & hanging out with my friends. I like PugPuggy. I like Fridays.

I am glad I did not watch the Arizona game. They lost. I don't want to talk about it.

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