Friday, March 14, 2008

Daily "Name This Person And Win!"

The first person who names the person in this picture wins a hug from Ben!!!

1) The winner will insert the first & last name of the person in the comments.
2) You must come to me to collect your hug.
3) You can not be a co-worker of Ben (sorry guys... too weird).
4) You can not have a contagious disease when I hug you.
5) You can not make me (or my wife or my mom) feel awkward about the length of the hug.
6) You can not crush me with your hug.
7) You can not be naked when I hug you.


~L~ said...

Great Great Grampa Bartley?

Ben said...

I wish I was related to this man. Unfortunately, I am not. Although if I was related to him, I am sure HE WOULD BE THE FIRST TO CALL ME (hint hint).

Renee said...

Alexander Graham Bell?

Ben said...

Renee is the winner! That is correct, it is Alexander Graham Bell.