Friday, March 7, 2008

SXSW - Crawford

One of the many great things about living in Austin are the festivals. If you are a music lover, welcome to paradise. We have both South By South West and Austin City Limits.

While I love music, I am more of a film geek. I love The Movies!

... whatever, The Movies, I still love you (Ben runs off crying).

As a movie lover, my favorite festival is the SXSW Film Festival. Matt Dentler runs the show down here and does an amazing job. We get a good combination of documentaries, comedies & dramas.

The movie about which I am most excited this year: Crawford.

Crawford is a documentary about the town George Bush has made famous (or notorious). Turns out, he is not "from" there. He moved there after becoming governor of Texas. This is a movie about the people who are "from" there & how GW changed their lives.

I am excited about this documentary for 2 reasons:
#1) I feel strange about being from the state that gave the world George Bush... I imagine the people of Crawford feel the same way: strange
#2) Stacy Schoolfield (who is awesome) introduced me to the filmmaker David Modigliani at an Austin Film Society party at the Belmont

I learned that David does improv at the Hideout. We talked about showing his documentary to the people who were in the documentary. I can imagine that is nerve wracking. We talked a bit about my involvement with improv & comedy & Master Pancake at the Alamo. It was fun & reminded me of why I love Austin: lots & lots of creative people making creative stuff.

Here is a YouTube trailer for Crawford:

If you are in Austin, Crawford is showing Saturday, March 8th, Monday, March 10th, 11 AM & Saturday, March 15th, 1:30 PM. All showings are at the Paramount on Congress. The Paramount is the second best movie theater in Austin.

Good question. The answer:

Not just the Ritz location... all the Alamo Drafthouses are awesome. Damn, I am lucky I live here.

In summary: go see Crawford, Stacy Schoolfield is awesome, the Alamo Drafthouse is the best place to see a movie in Austin