Thursday, March 27, 2008

Most Embarrassing Movies Blogathon

My friend, Kat Candler, started a movie blog-a-thon on her blog. She asked the following questions. If you want, add them to your blog.

* Movie you're too embarrassed to admit you have never seen:
Exorcist... my irrational, inner child is scared it is real.

* Movie you're most embarrassed to say you have seen:
Bring It On... what was worse, I saw it with my friend, Andre Meadows.

* Movie you're most embarrassed to say you have seen and loved:
Hard to say... probably a lame comedy like Norbit or Scarey Movie 12. Or maybe a romantic comedy that I saw with Megan.

* Movie you're most embarrassed to say you have seen and hated:
Again, hard to say... probably Conan the Barbarian & Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. I am a dude, I am supposed to like this movie. But the only time I enjoyed these movies is when Master Pancake makes fun of them.

* Most Embarrassing Scene from a movie that scared you as a kid and even to this day:
A cartoon called the "Headless Horseman". We saw it in school every year and I pretended to have to go to the bathroom during certain scenes. Also, I was scared of ET... even when he was cute & loveable. I was scared of ET and his stretchy neck & glowing heart.


Jodi said...

I so enjoyed my trip down memory lane just now thinking about the cafeteria at St. Pat's and being brought down to see Headless Horseman and I think that really trippy movie about math with Donald Duck? Do you remember that?

The worst mistake of my life was watching Exorcist. Having attended SLU where the real exorcism happened, had profs who participated in it, etc... really just freaked me out.

The Bring It On reference reminds me of when John & I took Jess to see Crossroads, the Brittany Spears movie. Not only was John the only man in the audience, but he also accidentally walked into the women's restroom afterward. He is lucky there wasn't an arrest.

Ben said...

YES!!!!! I love memory lane! I remember the weird math Donald Duck video. I remember St. Pat's. I remember riding in the PE teacher's van. I remember being picked up by the taxi. I remember hating the lady who watched us after school. I remember Mrs. Kirk. I remember Mrs. Chantos. I remember having fun with my sister, Jodi.

Imagining John walking into the women's restroom after watching Crossroads cracked me up. I miss him.

The girl who played Mimi in Crossroads was in a movie I enjoyed: Hustle & Flow... she played a hooker. If you watch this movie, make sure you watch the making-of... it is very inspiring.

jodi said...

(this is jodi the friend, not jodi the sister)

Reading the question about most embarrassing scene that scared you as a kid and today I immediately thought "ET! Stretchy neck!" I can't believe you have it too.

Mine also includes Poltergeist, the guy washing his face and then peeling off chunks of flesh. To this day, I freak out just a tiny bit every single time I rinse my face in the sink, right before I look up in the mirror. That movie messed with my head in some serious ways...

Ben said...

Wow! Jodi The Sister and Jodi The Friend in the SAME comment section!!! This is awesome! You 2 have no idea how much you remind me of each other in specific ways; but then in other ways, you are totally unique and special. The ways you are the same: you both married fun gentlemen from the UK, you are both professors, you are both smart, you are both fun, you are both awesome, you are both named Jodi (with an I). I can't wait to introduce you at some point... although maybe you already met at my wedding? I can not remember, my wedding was a blur to me.

Jodi The Friend - that part of Poltergeist TOTALLY freaked me out.