Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Greaster 2008

Last night we celebrated Greaster at the Casa de PugPuggy. Several friends joined us for beer & fried, greasy food. We also had an all-star line-up of dogs:

  • Holly - dog o' Dan
  • Dunkel - dog o' Dan
  • Molly - dog o' John
  • Polycarp - dog o' Scott
  • PugPuggy - sweet dog o' mine

Someday in the near future, I am going to have a dog party. You bring your dog (or someone else's dog) & we drink. Our dogs run like crazy-people, we drink like crazy-people. It will be a good combination.

For those not able to attend the celebration, Greaster is a holiday invented by Stag Comedy (Ben Bartley, Scott Chester, Joe Parsons). It was originally mentioned in a sketch during the first (and, so far, only) Stag show.

What has been decided about the Greaster Holiday:
  1. it falls roughly around Easter
  2. you must eat some form of greasy food
  3. drinking is encouraged (special exception if you are pregnant... *cough* Jodi *cough* Egerton)
  4. you must leave without saying good-bye

We did a horrible job of enforcing the last rule last night. There were several Greaster virgins and we went easy on them.

If you have any suggestions on how to properly celebrate Greaster, please put them in the comments. We are still in the process of developing this holiday known as Greaster. Next year will be the 3rd annual Greaster celebration.

Happy Greaster!

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