Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thieves! Dirty Rotten Thieves!

Megan is my wife. I love her. She is awesome.

But she has had a string of bad luck in the last year that goes something like this:
1) About a year ago, a pit bull attacked her & my pug, PugPuggy
2) About a month ago, her car was hit by another car while it was parked
3) And YESTERDAY, her purse was stolen FROM HER CAR in a smash & grab

Crazy, eh? Thieves.

Megan was working out (or working it) at the gym. When she finished, she returned to her car to find her back window smashed. She had hid her purse under the backseat of her car. Her car has tinted windows. Someone must have been watching her get out of the car at the gym.

She lost her cash, credit cards, drivers license, glasses, purse.

The good news: no one got hurt.

We looked in the dumpsters around the gym, thinking the thief might be on foot. No dice. We called the police & entered a report. It sucked. We called Equifax (the credit bureau) and put a fraud alert on her social security number. That sucked, too. We went to Sprint and got her a new phone. That also sucked. Then we had lunch together... that did not suck... in fact, it was fun. I like hanging out with my wife.

Needless to say, Megan is due for some good luck. I am going to have her buy Powerball tickets tonight.

Side note: I can not believe I have gone three posts without mentioning my dog, PugPuggy.

PugPuggy - if you are reading this two things: #1) I am sorry it took me so long to mention you and #2) HOLY CRAP, YOU CAN READ!!! Please forgive me...

... and please stop smelling your poop...

... honest to God, PugPuggy, how can that smell good? It came out of your butt...

... no chance. That is disgusting.

In summary: thieves suck, PugPuggy smells her poop, I talk to my dog.


Jodi said...

Moral of the story today --


Kat Candler said...

this totally sucks. it happened to me two years ago. smashed my front door window at the gym. the little buggers racked up a $45 bill at the nearby taco bell. tell her i'm sorry. it really does suck. it's just a pain in the butt.