Monday, March 24, 2008

Google Image Search: Word & Picture #14

Here is how this works:
I put in a word into the Google image search.
I post the picture of the first thing that comes back.

Today's Word:

Today's Picture:

Hello, fat cat, welcome to my blog.

I wonder why he is holding his breathe.

Maybe it is not getting its way? No, it does not look like an "angry" hold your breathe.

Maybe he is trying to illegally smuggle birds into the country. In a strange TV sitcom plot twist, he has to smuggle them in via his mouth. Oh, the zany hilarity!

Maybe he is going to throw up? Maybe he is reading this blog and wants to vomit. He is thinking, "of all the cute pictures of me and yarn, me sleeping, me as a kitten... YET NOOOOOOOOOO, Ben has to post this picture of me vomiting! Thanks Ben!!"

Sorry, fat cat, not a very flattering picture.

End of today's blog, cue the sitcom wah wah horn!

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