Monday, March 24, 2008

E-mail Spam Filter - Turned Off For One Day

So I turned off my spam filter on my e-mail for one day. I was testing this application that auto-generates e-mail at our company. I was not receiving e-mail, so I thought maybe I should turn off my spam filter to see if it was causing the problem. While I never received the e-mail I wanted to receive, I did receive the following very interesting e-mails today:

SPAM #1) Outstanding savings on dog supplies
This was interesting to me. I love PugPuggy. I want to have supplies. I can see her using some yellow stickies for her "to do list": eat, poop, pee, chase tail, nap, eat, bark at other dogs, nap, eat and sleep. I also wanted to get her a stapler and a paper weight... maybe a pencil or 2.

But, alas, she does not need supplies... all she needs is food, water & the occasional walk in the neighborhood to do her "business". Megan & I call her eating routine the "trifecta". A common sentence we say to each other is "has PugPuggy completed the trifecta?" The "trifecta" consists of:

  • eating
  • peeing
  • pooping

What more can a dog do?

SPAM #2)Make $225 And More Every Day
Wow!! Hot crap!!! All I had to do was pay $250 a day to find out how to make $225 a day! What a deal!

SPAM #3) You could save mortgage interest without refinancing
Thank you. Fascinating. I am completely interested in th... zzzzzzzzzz.

SPAM #4) View Pics of Local Singles
I was afraid if I opened it, there would be a picture of Scott Chester & Joe Parsons.

SPAM #4) Get Swiss Rolex & brand bags for sale HERE
I don't wear a watch. The time is on my cell phone.
SPAM #5) Find the Huge Selection of Swiss Rolex watches
I don't wear a watch. The time is on my cell phone.
SPAM #6) Online store offering famous brands watches & brand bags
I STILL don't wear a watch. The time is STILL on my cell phone.

SPAM #7) CIALIS, Viagra from Licensed Pharmaceutical Manufactures!
Interesting... delete.
SPAM #8) Size matters!
Forwarding to the guy who drives the raised F-350 monster truck at work.
Has anyone ever bought this crap? Who buys this crap?

... awk-ward.

SPAM #10) Kinky Friedman's March Update - a Must Read!
That's it. The filter is going back on.

So that was my day with no spam filter.

In Summary: PugPuggy makes me happy when she completes the trifecta, I don't wear a watch, I don't wear a watch.

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I really enjoy the summaries to your posts.